Royal Gorge Run Helicopter Tour

See everything the Royal Gorge region has to offer! Like the Canyon Run, this amazing tour starts off by showing the impressive east end, then comes top side to show you the highest suspension bridge in America. ?From there, you will get to view the “postcard view” of the bridge from the west side as you make your way back up toward the bridge from that very unique perspective. After one more climbing pass over the bridge, you will return to the heliport.

  • Price: $129/person
  • Tour length: (about 12 minutes) 24 miles round trip

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All tours require phone reservation between October 1st, 2016 and March 1st, 2017.

Please call 719-648-5580 so we can help you make a reservation.


“Great place! Will be going back! Very friendly people and good prices! We had a blast on our mini honeymoon ride! Thank you!”

Carolyn W.